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Khiyo BD Album Launch + Day of Bengali Festivities

Get ready, we’re back!

As you may know, our singer Sohini Alam has been touring with dancer/choreographer Akram Khan‘s show Until the Lions, so we haven’t gigged as much lately. Now, we’re coming back with a bang!

It’s summer and we’ve teamed up with the award-winning Karamel London N22 to bring you a day of Bengali festivities on 30th June to celebrate the release of our album in Bangladesh.

What does that mean?

Khiyo’s self-titled debut album was released by ARC Music everywhere but Bangladesh, but from 30th June, Bangladeshi fans can listen to tracks from the Khiyo album exclusively on Radio-Foorti. We’re starting the day with a Facebook live show for our Bangladeshi people. You can catch it right here on our Facebook main page at 5.30pm, which is 10.30pm in Bangladesh.

For London fans, we’ll be at Karamel from 5pm for the live stream, and then we’ll play a live two-set gig especially for you. Happy hour is from 5-8pm, which means buy-one-get-one-half-price on drinks, and there’ll be a vegan Bengali buffet. If you haven’t been to Karamel yet, here’s your chance to visit this vibrant North London venue in the former Chocolate Factory.

Be one of the first to catch our new material and come say hello on our home turf. There’s more exciting news to share, and the announcement wil be part of this event. No tickets, so just show up. We can hardly wait to see you all again.
Mad love,

Night of Greek Infused Food & Music!

Come and join us for a Night of Greek influenced Food & Music!

Food served from 7pm

Accompanying your beautiful night, you will have the delightful and authentic infused sounds of Theo.

Choose from our Starters, Mains and Dessert, or have all three courses at our special offer of £18

Starters – £5 each
Mini Meze – dolmades, hummus, olives, salad and pitta bread
Feta Cheeze Salad
Zucchini Fritters
– served with tzatziki

Mains – £12 each
Spanokopita – served with briam, salad and marinated olives
Moussaka – served with garlic roasted potatoes, salad and marinated olives
Greek Meetballs – served with dill rice, salad and marinated olives

Desserts – £5 each
Summer Fruit Salad – served with cream
Apple Cake – served with ice-cream
Coffee and Cream Cake

Here’s some audio tasters to whet your appetite!
Theo with El Khandak
Theo with Balothizer

Why not enjoy our special drinks offer between 5-7pm on local Craft Beers?

We are proud to be supporting Haringey Bohem Brewery, Earth Ale and Muswell HillBilly Brewers plus Essex-based Dominion Brewery with their refreshing craft beers.

Movers and Shakers | Movement and Music for 0-3 Year Olds

Movers and Shakers are 30-minute Music and Movement sessions for Babies and Toddlers (Ages 0 to 3).

Thursday 11.15-11.45am
From 3rd May to 19th July

Our parent-present classes introduce the very young to rhymes, songs and signs.

Every child taking part has the chance to sing, play a musical instrument, be amazed by the parachute and get lost in a world of bubbles!

Sit with your child as he or she sings, plays, listens and learns.

Single Session
Child – £5.00
Sibling – £3.00

Other Pricing
Pre-payment Card: 6 sessions – £25.00
Pre-payment Card (sibling): 6 sessions – £15.00

Only purchase a Sibling ticket if attending with another sibling who is using a full priced Child ticket.

Book via https://hoop.co.uk/movers-and-shakers/rOa1Y4-movers-and-shakers/

Karamel London N22 is a unique vegan space in the heart of Wood Green’s Cultural Quarter and is the centre point of @The Chocolate Factory studios, providing a hub for people to enjoy the wonderful works of artists, photographers, musicians and performers. We serve up affordable and hearty breakfasts to kick start the day, to world food buffets to please the ever hungry lunch timers and good quality fresh food meals in the evening, and have available on tap quality craft vegan beers from local or micro-breweries to satisfy the most critical beer drinker. Our fresh base homemade vegan pizzas and our famous vegan bangers and mash are available throughout the day.

Society of Imaginary Friends – Beltane Birthday Soiree

Society of Imaginary Friends

Present… Beltane Birthday Soiree

I was taking the escalator over the hill…hang on… something’s burning… It’s our Beltane Birthday Soiree on the 4th May!!! The extraordinary Alfie Thomas has hit a very significant number of earth years…

Oh what a dancing dragon of a party we have in store for YOU… Yee Hah!!! Our star studded night includes the fantastic John Moore (Black Box Recorder, Express Way and Jesus and the Mary Chain) performing a couple of his hits from his new album Knickerbocker Glory.

“Couched in shimmering rock, Sixties girl-group pop and even a touch of operatic soprano on Anne of a Thousand Days, this is a literary pop gem.” The Times

Guess who the operatic soprano is?

Punk legend virtuosic saxophonist John Glyn (X-ray specs and Wreckless Eric ) will be astounding us with his magical improvisation weaving his beautiful tones with the incomparable virtuosic guitarist Richard Bolton their inspiration is the vibe of the night we all have a part to play in creating something totally original.

The beautiful, soulful Magdalena Grabher will be looping her intricate musical motifs to create ethereal soundscapes and gorgeous songs, the wonderful highly acclaimed poetess Lady Amy Neilson Smith and master of woodwind Sir William Summers (Circulus, Princes in the Tower) will be astounding us with their Shakespearian inspired set.

Award winning spoken word performer Cian Binchy will be making us think, catch him before he takes his sell out show Madness re:Exit to Manchester for a month.

Urban punk goddess I am Her will be performing songs from her brand new album, the superb Math Jones will be sharing his Beltane musings, welcoming to the Soiree mystery new poet Charlie and author Samuel Bates, special guest DJ TBA and special Birthday songs from Society of Imaginary Friends.

Fabulous Vegan cuisine by Roger and Kathy – it is also Rogers Birthday!!

So much to celebrate..FREE ENTRY!
About Society of Imaginary Friends

Society of Imaginary Friends core members are:

  • Louise Kleboe –  main vocalist, piano, guitar and composition. Louise was born in Cornwall and was brought up in the Orkney Islands. She currently lives in Clerkenwell, London.
  • Alfie Thomas – accordion, backing vocals, keyboards and composition.  Alfie was born in Middlesbrough to Belgian and Cockney parentage. He is a Soho resident.
  • Cara Vella – Violin/Electric Violin. Cara was born in London. Cara does not know what her favourite colour is.
We try to avoid the rock / pop ghettos whenever possible… prefer to play unusual venues and sites, creating an atmosphere of our own when we play. Hence our Secret Soirees…. We are passionate about reality, truth and preserving our beautiful world for all future beings and we dedicate our music to the lonely disenfranchised sensitive furious children of tomorrow’s night and day.

Pablo Yupton – The City of Quartz

Pablo Yupton is the guitarist of Gabriel Moreno & The Quivering Poets. He is also a bass player, composer and writer who resides in Barcelona but who is now a a regular performer in the music venues of London. Now, for the first time, he is presenting on the night his most personal solo project, combining prestigious and talented musicians from both the London and the Barcelona music scene.

The City of Quartz is music Conceived for a theatre play which had the same name, and which in this instance shall be performed as a special version combining Jazz, Folk, Pop and even Classical music.
Barbara Bartz: Violin
Pablo Yupton: Guitar
Adrià Faura: Bass
Pablo Kajon: Percussion
Roger Giménez: Piano and Trombone

Support by Ben Holland , Samuel Nicholson and Gabriel Moreno


Samuel is a 25 year old London-based singer/songwriter hailing from Edinburgh. Currently at the mercy of the locals in any open mic night he can find he is most happy with a guitar in his hand and his eyes at the ceiling. Often defaulting to melancholy he offers an emotive perspective through resonant guitar parts and weathered vocals, throwing finesse out the window for honesty. Released on the 19th August a couple of years ago, his debut record entitled \’If You Be My\’ (which he is very, very excited about) offers a raw introduction to not only his inner conflicts but equally his take on the world that moves before him.


Ben was born in Carlisle, in the North near to the border of
Scotland. He now lives and writes songs in London, just South of the river.
Leaving school at sixteen, Ben went to work in several of the
factories around Carlisle. During this period, Ben discovered the
songs of Bob Dylan. Instantly taken with his music, he spent his
shifts in the factory with smuggled ear phones he pretended were ear plugs, listening and studying Dylan’s giant songbook. Evenings were spent learning these songs on an old acoustic guitar he borrowed from his uncle.
Along with many early blues and folk standards Ben knew many Dylan’s songs by heart. His own songs came soon after, and now writing and performing them is his sole occupation.
Over recent years Ben has supported artists like Joan Armatrading in major concert venues across Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the UK and Ireland. He also regularly plays with the ‘Ben Holland Band’- usually marathon several hour sets that are becoming well known must-see fixtures on the London circuit.


Gabriel Moreno is a published poet and singer songwriter from Gibraltar. His songs fuse Mediterranean rhythms with Indie/folk arpeggios performed with a classical guitar. Based on his literary publications, Gabriel versifies lyrics of Love, loss and desire, which are transmitted in sheer emotional nakedness. Having played with multiple bands in Gibraltar, Italy, Peru and Spain, Gabriel Moreno started his solo project in the UK in 2010. Since then he has become an important part of the Alternative Folk scene in London, perfroming all over town and hosting acclaimed music nights at The Betsey Trotwood, Jonestown, Karamel Restaurant and other poetry and music venues.  He also has 8 collections of poetry published in Spanish and English and released his debut album with Amber Records in 2015. He is currently working on a new album and a new book of poetry based on poetry in the war of Afghanistan.

Lords & Ladies of Misrule Soiree

He rolls into town drunk as a skunk trembling Chihuahua on his shoulder and rattle snakes for scarves.

He winks at the sun and collapses in paroxysms of laughter as the gullible gather round to buy his dubious wares he is the ‘Medicine Man’ curled up under the stars and the Appellation moon.

He is our April Fool, the Duke of Disorder, the paradise quack of chaos and we will be dancing the hallucinogenic hoedown with him at our Medicinal April Fool Soiree.

Our very own Lord of Misrule Mr Alfie Thomas will be guiding the proceedings, a fabulous line-up which includes:

  • Lady Lovely Lute aka Stephanie Feeney who will whisper Medieval somethings in your ear, she will lull you into a false sense of sweetness and drop some Belladonna in your tea,
  • the Rainbow warrior himself Kosmic Troubadour,
  • Poet Millie George radical princess of Soho,
  • Cian Binchy fresh from his sell-out show Madhouse re: Exit in Shoredich Town Hall,
  • poet extraordinaire Debra Watson will be performing her beautiful verse with a bite,
  • urban Punk goddess Julie D Riley with drummer Jeff Townsin,
  • very special guest dancer TBC,
  • special guest DJ and Society of Imaginary Friends playing their most mischievous songs.
  • Not forgetting Gorgeous Vegan food by Culinary Magicians Kathy and Roger.


You would be a fool to miss it!!!

Karamel Food & Music Festival – 5 days of eating & entertainment (free entry)

Indulge yourself in our 5 x day Food & Music Festival

Wed 30th August: Greek Food Night £14.90 for 3 courses (scroll down for menu)  https://www.facebook.com/events/137175813558993

Thurs 31 August: Indian Thali Food Night £12.90 for 2 Courses (scroll down for menu)  https://www.facebook.com/events/1429339763823768/

Friday 1 Sept: Society of Imaginary Friends Soiree (Turkish menu to be announced)

Saturday 2 Sept: London Vegan Drinks, Food from 19.00 + DJs from 10pm

Sunday 3 Sept: Lazy Sunday Vegan Roast

Greek Night 

For £14.90 you get 3 courses and a choice of 3 dishes for starters, mains & dessert:

* Vegan Feta Salad
* Fassolatha – Classic White Bean Soup
* Kolokithokeftedes (Courgette Fritters) served with Tzatziki

* Spanokopita (Tofu & Spinach Pie) with Briam (Roasted Medi Veg) & Salad
* Soutzouskakia (Greek ‘Meat’ Balls) with Dill Rice & Salad
* Greek Meze Plate: Hummus, Dolmades, Tzatsiki, Greek Green Beans, Briam, Olives, Coriander Leaves & Pitta Bread.

* Choice of Raw Cakes
* Organic Chocolate Cake
* Cookie Crumbled Ice Cream with Chocolate, Raspberry or Maple Sauce

Indian Night

2 x courses for £12.90 – Thali plus Dessert

Main Dish Thali:
Lentil, Chick Pea & Vegetable Dhal
Aubergine & Potato Curry in a Coconut and Tomato Sauce
Samosas, Spinach Pakora & Onion Bhaji with Tamarind Sauce
Pilau Rice
Fresh Coriander Leaves
Whole Paratha Bread

* Choice of Raw Cakes
* Organic Chocolate Cake
* Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Raspberry Sauce

Surma + LASERS

International artist Surma gives the rare opportunity for a taste of her upcoming debut album at Time Out award winning venue Karamel in Wood Green next month. The young multi-instrumentalist combines her guitar and bass hooks with an unusual mix of different electronic sounds via the help of loop pedals. The result is wonderful music somewhere between pop, jazz and ambient. Her beautifully fragile voice is at the very centre of her first single “Maasai”.

Appearing at some of the most important Portugese festivals and touring throughout Europe, this is a one of a kind chance to catch Surma on her UK tour for 2017 and definitely not one to miss.

Supporting Surma is LASERS.

LASERS picks on samples, synth lines and fragmented beats of dubstep, hip-hop and other styles, smoothing them down and sliding them into organic and bright electronic robes, with emotional melodies that might remind you of Flume, Gold Panda, Shigeto or even early Toro y Moi (yes, there are chillwave traces there). After 3 years of regular shows in The Netherlands and Portugal the Portuguese is taking on a new set of certainly exciting challenges London this year. 

Doors open 7pm, Music from 8pm.