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Haringey Literature Live – Creative Writing for Kids

SATURDAYS 10am – 11.15am
Running From 21st April to 14th July
(Break on 2nd June)

Haringey Literature Live

With Paul Lyalls at Karamel Restaurant
£8 per session / £96 per term.
BOOKING ESSENTIAL – see email address below
Ages 8 to 12 years.

Jam-packed with fun ways to make poems and stories, and make yourself into a great writer and performer of your work!  Full of fun, easy to follow steps that will help you find fantastic ways to discover where poems and stories come from and how to capture them. Each week a new skill and style is explored.

If you like the idea of writing about anything from belly buttons to swimming with dolphins, come along!

***WARNING*** contains laughter – also it will occasionally rhyme – but not all the time!

Paul Lyalls was Poet in residence for the Roald Dahl Museum, regularly works with Arsenal FC and was also a London 2012 Olympic poet. Paul works extensively in schools throughout Haringey and is loved by all.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL – please email: kate@collage-arts.org


Karamel Kids: Justo the Clown

Justo the Clown brings his silly show to Karamel Kids. There’s lots of chances for you to help out Justo, never failing to raise smiles as he tricks, dips and weaves his way throughout the crowds. Watch his show stopping tricks as he juggles, tumbles, unicycles and maybe even balances on a mum, dad or even you! An ideal humourous morning for all the family to enjoy.

Karamel Kids: Gunpowder Gertie

Let your children’s imagination be inspired with a mix of activities set to a bespoke reggae soundtrack with emphasis on fun, movement and engagement.

Dance, play, sing, smile with a story thrown for good measure. Gunpowder ticks all the right boxes for a morning full of fun.

With a cheeky smile and a little humour Gertie brings a mischievous air along to Karamel kids, children are positively encouraged to join in with the shenanigans with parent participation rewarded accordingly.

Karamel Kids: Farmer Who’s Enormous Turnip & The Three Little Pigs

Farmer Who’s in trouble. Because he never went to school, he’s forever mistaking his horse for his cow, his pigs for his sheep and his carrots for his potatoes.

Then he has a brainy-wave. He’ll get some really clever children to teach him! Soon, everyone’s mooing and baaing, digging and sowing, pulling and tugging, and reliving the many wonderful adventures that he and his animals have down on the farm.

Karamel Kids: Mike Dodsworth Storytelling

 Mike specialises in physically energetic telling with an emphasis on interacting with his audiences and bringing stories to life. He will perform a range of folk and fairy tales from near and far. Mike’s stories are ideal for children aged 4 years old plus and their families.

See Mike @Karamel on Saturday 31st May at 11am


Website  http://www.mikedodsworth.comTwitter: @MikeStoryteller


All performances for 4 years old +.   Children and Adults in tow are free