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Works of Love and Humanity – exhibition

Damel Carayol, artist, musician and poet

“Art is a universal form of expression”

Art is infinite, it will keep moving, evolving and revolving.

I love to embrace the unconventional, though my passion and practice is primarily in the medium of paint pencil and chalk pastel and strongly motivated by portraiture, with a touch of collage.  I am also a musician, having recorded, performed and toured for more than two decades and I am also a scribe, a writer of ideas and poetry.

Apart from being a means to aim to excite, amuse, entertain, please and indeed to sadden, Art is a most powerful form of reflecting and informing of the human condition. It can ask us to consider and reconsider this. With questions and pointers that should challenge us, it should also uplift and remind us of our oneness.  If only we would stop once in many whiles to look, listen and feel more, the empathy that Art offers.

The Grenfell Tower fire has affected all of us who saw, read, listened and felt. Speaking personally, I had two relatives trapped in the fire. The two days from 14th June to 16th June felt like the longest days whilst waiting for news. Living on the 20th floor, hope was always there, but was slim. My cousin and her daughter, my niece, unfortunately died. My family sadly appear to be some of the ‘lucky’ ones, both my relatives were found.

I did the painting titled “Eye-sore. The Final Straw” on the morning of Friday 16th June.  Hearing a report being read on the radio which stated that the refurbishment of Grenfell had been seen to be “aesthetically pleasing” from the Eastern side of the borough and from the West, it was my final straw.  It was lucky that I had one canvas left, black paint on the shelf and a couple of brushes nearby. “My anger poured out through paint.”

I was lucky to have an outlet.  But a fight continues, through Art, through statements, and through cohesion.

The exhibition runs until 30th March 2018 at Karamel, 4 Coborg Road, London N22 6UJ.  Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am-6pm