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Pablo Yupton – The City of Quartz

Pablo Yupton is the guitarist of Gabriel Moreno & The Quivering Poets. He is also a bass player, composer and writer who resides in Barcelona but who is now a a regular performer in the music venues of London. Now, for the first time, he is presenting on the night his most personal solo project, combining prestigious and talented musicians from both the London and the Barcelona music scene.

The City of Quartz is music Conceived for a theatre play which had the same name, and which in this instance shall be performed as a special version combining Jazz, Folk, Pop and even Classical music.
Barbara Bartz: Violin
Pablo Yupton: Guitar
Adrià Faura: Bass
Pablo Kajon: Percussion
Roger Giménez: Piano and Trombone

Support by Ben Holland , Samuel Nicholson and Gabriel Moreno


Samuel is a 25 year old London-based singer/songwriter hailing from Edinburgh. Currently at the mercy of the locals in any open mic night he can find he is most happy with a guitar in his hand and his eyes at the ceiling. Often defaulting to melancholy he offers an emotive perspective through resonant guitar parts and weathered vocals, throwing finesse out the window for honesty. Released on the 19th August a couple of years ago, his debut record entitled \’If You Be My\’ (which he is very, very excited about) offers a raw introduction to not only his inner conflicts but equally his take on the world that moves before him.


Ben was born in Carlisle, in the North near to the border of
Scotland. He now lives and writes songs in London, just South of the river.
Leaving school at sixteen, Ben went to work in several of the
factories around Carlisle. During this period, Ben discovered the
songs of Bob Dylan. Instantly taken with his music, he spent his
shifts in the factory with smuggled ear phones he pretended were ear plugs, listening and studying Dylan’s giant songbook. Evenings were spent learning these songs on an old acoustic guitar he borrowed from his uncle.
Along with many early blues and folk standards Ben knew many Dylan’s songs by heart. His own songs came soon after, and now writing and performing them is his sole occupation.
Over recent years Ben has supported artists like Joan Armatrading in major concert venues across Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the UK and Ireland. He also regularly plays with the ‘Ben Holland Band’- usually marathon several hour sets that are becoming well known must-see fixtures on the London circuit.


Gabriel Moreno is a published poet and singer songwriter from Gibraltar. His songs fuse Mediterranean rhythms with Indie/folk arpeggios performed with a classical guitar. Based on his literary publications, Gabriel versifies lyrics of Love, loss and desire, which are transmitted in sheer emotional nakedness. Having played with multiple bands in Gibraltar, Italy, Peru and Spain, Gabriel Moreno started his solo project in the UK in 2010. Since then he has become an important part of the Alternative Folk scene in London, perfroming all over town and hosting acclaimed music nights at The Betsey Trotwood, Jonestown, Karamel Restaurant and other poetry and music venues.  He also has 8 collections of poetry published in Spanish and English and released his debut album with Amber Records in 2015. He is currently working on a new album and a new book of poetry based on poetry in the war of Afghanistan.

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Notes From Underground Part 3

The Third edition of Notes from Underground features more of our favourite unsigned and unbothered artists who continue to spark up the Alternative Folk and Underground Poetry scene in London.  This month we have:
  • Robert Chaney (Americana singer-songwriter hero of the London scene)
  • Robert Corcoran (Alternative Folk Irish powerhouse of song)
  • Mad Pirvan (Alternative poetry queen of the Bohemian night)
  • Gabriel Moreno (Poet, singer-wongwriter, host and curator of the night)

and more to be announced…

Expect the most genuine and talented underground artists around.
POETRY AND MUSIC from the core of the psyche.

£5 pound entry

Reserve your table on 020 8829 8989 for the best seats in the venue!

Fantastic vegan food available.

Notes from Underground – Hosted by Gabriel Moreno

After a very special, compelling and thrlling start to our series, we bring you part 2 of Notes from Underground where we aim to gather some of the most interesting acts of the Underground Alternative Folk and Poetry scene in London.

This month get ready for another dark and beautiful installment hosted by poet and singer-songwriter Gabriel Moreno.


Music Danny Green LAISH (Contemporary/innovative singer-songwriting at its best.)
Matt Arthur (Modern/Fresh/Talented Alternative SInger-songwriter and Troubadour)
Poetry Debra Watson (Seductive/Compelling performance poet part of Poetry Brothel London and founder of many immersive poetry experience projects)
Naomi Wood (Spell-binding performer/poet and artist)
Host plus music performace Gabriel Moreno.
One more act to be announced plus special guest Adam Beattie might grace us with a late visit.


Delcious vegan food available. Book your table at the restaurant if you want to have the best view of this Bohemian and exciting Soiree. Tel: 020 8829 8989 to book your table!


Society of Imaginary Friends: HARE !!! (the Musical), Soif Soiree

As we climb out of our warm dark burrows into the golden slanting sunlight our hearts swell with joy and we dance a manic tarantella chase each other in crazy circles, play-box under the serene blue sky and as the moon rises the static electrical frenzy of fizical freedom – it’s mating time!!!

Our well mad March Soiree features extraordinary performances from Hungry Dog Brand aka Martin Dowsing… his songs full of dry wit and dark tales, his infamous gigs at the legendary Soho 12 Bar club will be brought to Wood Green for one night only (he is also an excellent author), Gisela Meyer is an internationally acclaimed cellist and concert pianist but on 2nd March she will be singing 3 Debussy love songs accompanied on piano by John Human, Darren Hirst reknowned NME journalist, RSC’s official reviewer, Professor of Baseball and Vicar, will be performing Shakespeare soliloquys plus he is one half of duo Outre Dan Steele with his talented pianist wife Isobel who will also be performing, young and beautiful up and coming R & B singer Tamara Canada, equally young and talented pianist and composer Blert Ademi, Franziska Lantz has her own show Driftshift on Resonance FM and will be performing on Friday as “Global Warming Records”, Cian Binchy, fresh from his Mexican tour and…….

Society of Imaginary Friends will be shaking off their winter fuzz and presenting ‘HARE !!! the Musical”…

Unbelievably FREE ENTRY. Look forward to seeing you for some March Madness…


Notes from Underground – Hosted by Gabriel Moreno

Welcome to the London underground scene. Here is where authentic undistilled music and poetry begin, where challenging and unapologetic ideas are summoned, where a different perspective is born through the fusion of music and verse.

In this night we aim to bring together the most interesting music and poetry from the Alternative Folk music scene and the London alternative poetry scene.

We intend to offer you a taste of these talented, crafted and yet, sometimes, most times, ignored artists who make up the essence of the London Underground scene.

Any yet we will do this with joy and connections. Without an inch of pretense, oks perhaps a little milimetre, and with the will to entertain and move at the same time.

All hosted by poet and singer songwriter Gabriel Moreno

£5 entry

Delicious Vegan food served from 7pm.

Reserve your place at : gabrielangelmoreno@gmail.com

For lovers of the Arts and Bohemia