As one chapter ends, another begins …

As one chapter ends, another begins …

All good things must come to an end, and so dear friends must Kabaret@Karamel.

We are sad to announce that Sunday 17th December will be our last day open to the public. (With Sunday Roast on as usual)

Big thanks to all our customers, supporters, promoters, artists, collaborators, and volunteers. To our landlords, Collage Arts for the opportunity. To our neighbours Mountview for the drama.

And, especially, to our staff who followed us ‘down the rabbit hole’ – or K-hole, as we call it …


… into our vision of Wonderland – where anything could happen, and frequently did. Sophia Loren and Faye Dunaway came to play, only last week.

We’ve won 2 Time Out awards, and served “Some of the best vegan food London has to offer” (The Guardian). Showcased amazing artists, and raised money for charity along the way. It’s been a trip!

Version 2

But stay tuned – for the good news is that the vegan vibe, Sunday Roast, and many other things you’ve come to know and love about Karamel, will live on … Through Alan, Kath & Roger, our righthand crew, who take it over as a new business from Monday 18th December. 

The White Rabbit called Time on our Adventure in October, when Louise’s Mum died, and we found we hadn’t the heart to carry on.

We followed our dream – and 3 years later, emerge dazed, richer in life experience than we ever thought possible, and kind of incredulous. (Did that really happen?)

For Sheila.

Love & Peace,

Louise Wallis & Frank Hutson (a.k.a. Luminous Frenzy) xxx

Co-Directors Kabaret@Karamel 1/9/14 – 17/12/17

Sheila, Louise’s Mum