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Conciorto – The Band who Play Vegetables

June 23, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Il Conciorto perfom live – the Italian vegetable-playing duo/band make their Karamel debut.

Advance tickets £4 (+BF) – or £6 on the door – buy advance tickets here:

Quirky, funky with songs such as ‘O eggplant’, ‘Oxbow heart’, ‘I have leek’, ‘Some spices’ and the gettonatissima ‘A la julienne’ dedicated to zucchini. Plus tales dedicated to the gardens of famous characters such as François Truffaut’s Garden, David Byrne’s Garden, Paul McCartney’s or Damon Albarn’s (Blur’s Heads).

“A mix of words sounds and emotions, or better yet a ratatouille, a dadolata, a musical / vegetable centrifuge” says Inorto in their review.

From an article Green News:

The fingers of Gian Luigi Carlone , co-founder of Osama Banda, move from pepper to courgettes, then to carrot, fennel and tomato. At the touch, the vegetables emit sounds , while beside him Biagio Bagini, author of radio programs and children’s books, intonates the first song of the evening. In the small village of Val Vigezzo , northern Piedmont, the first date of the ” Conciòtor” , a concert that “gives voice” to the garden and its vegetables, goes on the scene , telling the intimate and secret stories, feelings, Animo .

A project born a few months ago and recently became a reality: “It all started when I discovered Ototo, an open source system based on Arduino sensors that lets you play whatever it is capable of conducting electricity such as water . I am agrarian expert: I betrayed agriculture for music, but I have always cultivated passion for gardens and gardens. Combining the two things, the light bulb turned on: why not try to play vegetables, as they contain water? “Carlone says. The experiment works and so the band saxophone of Banda Osiris contacts Bagini, also enthusiastic about the vegetable: in a month and a half he writes the texts of the 13 songs that make up today the Conciorto, and the same album , currently looking for a ‘ Record label. The project is based on a garden idea not as a place of production, but “space – writes Bagini in the book on the project, also looking for a publishing house – where to translate something into something natural or supposed Such “. A magical place – adds Carlone – where plants, as well as ideas, feelings, songs, and ultimately themselves are not simply cultivated . ”

Every vegetable has inspired emotions and stories, according to its evocative ability . Zucchini [courgette] for example, refers to the passion of director François Truffaut for the cultivation of various varieties and for potted and fried pumpkin flowers: “Fanny Ardant fell in love with him, not on the set as it is said, but in his vegetable garden. Zucchini have that all-extravagant charm, they are caressing without hiding anything from themselves. They are always natural, “says Carlone.

Veronica Ulivieri


June 23, 2017
7:00 pm